Our Residential Remodeling & New Construction Services

At S&D Garage Door and Remodeling in the north Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, we take great joy in tackling any home remodeling project. Our goal is always to provide quality, timely and affordable services in a friendly manner. Turn to us for any need you may have for your home:

  • Interior remodeling, ranging from kitchen remodels and bath remodels to additions such as porches and basement finishing services

  • Exterior renovations, including siding, roofing, decks, sheds, soffits, fascia, gutters and much more

  • Garage builds, creating the garage to fit your needs while matching your house

  • Garage door services, including installation and service for garage doors and garage door openers

  • Radon services, ranging from initial radon testing to certified radon mitigation services

The S&D Remodeling & Renovations Process

Step 1: The Initial Phone Call

It all starts with your phone call to S&D offices. During this call, we will discuss the type of remodeling project you are considering, as well as your budget. We will go over basic details if you are looking for our help in finalizing a design, and can discuss further details if you already know what you want. Once we have covered the basics, we will schedule an in-person meeting at your home.

Step 2: The In-Home Meeting

This is the most crucial step in the process. During this meeting, we will discuss your interests, concerns, timeframe, etc. We will also perform a walkthrough of the space, asking questions and identifying potential concerns that may arise during the project (such as electrical or plumbing concerns). We perform as much recon up front as possible to identify any potential costs to factor in.

Step 3: The Proposal

After our meeting, we turn our notes and initial plans into a full and as-accurate-as-possible proposal. This often means we are not the cheapest choice at the outset, but it does help in avoiding change orders that are all too common among some remodeling companies. We will email the proposal to you for your review and await your response.

Step 4: The Work

Once you choose to move forward with S&D Garage Door and Remodeling, we will get you on the schedule and finalize any last details. We will then take great care with your home your time, completing your project on time and on budget.

Call for a Free Garage Door or Remodeling Project Estimate

Put our service philosophy and experience to work on your next home or garage project. Call us today to discuss your service needs or remodeling interests and we’ll get the process started. You can reach us at 763-576-1183 or you can contact our remodelers online.